Honeymoon Day 6 | Six Senses Resort | Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

Since we had so many activities booked for the first two days, we decided to take it easy on our last full day and explore more of the resort itself. The resort is known for its sustainability and one of the ways they make it so is by having their own chicken farm where guests can pick up eggs for breakfast. Mike was especially excited about this part and couldn't wait to get his eggs!

What does "On Vacation" mean? :\

They thought his shoes were food and kept pecking them!

We already had two massages the other day but decided to book two more later in the afternoon because it was just so good. All of the sessions were 60-90 minutes long so we definitely felt relaxed and pampered by the end of the trip.

We were supposed to have a private dinner on the beach but it was raining too hard and those plans were scrapped. Instead, we had another chef's table dinner.