Animal House Visit | Beijing, China

We flew to Beijing after Dhara Dhevi and spent our last 3 days of vacation there. It was a relaxing time and all we did was eat our favorite food in Beijing, went to see movies in theaters with reclining chairs, and pet Mike's mom's pets. They're ridiculously cute.

For our last meal, we had Haidilao Hot Pot at home and were thoroughly impressed with the whole experience. The delivery was prompt and they took care of everything. They brought all the utensils, the hot pot, the broth, and even a tablecloth and trash container for us to use. The quality of the food was not affected by the delivery at all. Once we were all done, they came back and took care of the cleaning for us too. Wish this was available here in the states!

cafe de sofa | Beijing, China

Worked at cafe de sofa in 后海. Friendly service and great food but slow wifi and expensive