HONEYMOON DAY 10 | Dhara Dhevi | Chiang Mai, Thailand

We started the day with some lunch at Alice's cousin's café, Rustic & Blue, where we were showered with so much food than we knew what to do with. 

After lunch we went back to the resort to explore and really take it all in. It's a very green place with water, trees, and plants everywhere. They even had two miniature horses of their own!

Our villa!

For dinner we ate at the resort's Thai restaurant. We didn't even know it but there was a scheduled show going on that night. The cast performed traditional Thai dances while dressed in beautiful and colorful garb.

Honeymoon Day 9 | Dhara Dhevi | Chiang Mai, Thailand

We went up to Chiang Mai to meet up with Mike's mom and Feima at our next resort, Dhara Dhevi. We noticed the architecture the moment we got there because it was so unique. It's a fusion of French and Burmese styles and the result is just beautiful.

For dinner we ate at the resort's French restaurant. We all had the 5-course meal and were so stuffed by the end of it. The food was delicious!

Honeymoon Day 8 | Layana | Koh Lanta, Thailand

We went snorkeling today! It was both our first times and we were excited and nervous (mostly Alice). There were about 10 of us onboard the boat that took us to our destination. We were 10 minutes into the ride when the engine started stalling and then it suddenly stopped! We're pretty sure everyone was nervous but no one said a thing and assumed it was going to be ok (it was). Turns out there was a screw that got loose and the captain only needed to tighten it... phew. After another 10 minutes we were on our way again. 

Alice thought the boat was going to drop us off at the shore and everyone would then swim out to the deeper parts of the water, but that's not what happened. The boat stopped about a quarter of a mile from the shore and everyone just grabbed their snorkeling gear and jumped right in. We followed suit and went in without life jackets but couldn't get ourselves to let go of the boat's ladder! The current was too damn strong and we were sure we weren't strong enough swimmers to stay afloat. We went back on the boat to get life jackets and all was good after that. The water was just insanely clear and you could see so much of the life underneath the surface... a truly unique experience. 

Proof that I did it!

White sand and clear water!