Honeymoon Day 8 | Layana | Koh Lanta, Thailand

We went snorkeling today! It was both our first times and we were excited and nervous (mostly Alice). There were about 10 of us onboard the boat that took us to our destination. We were 10 minutes into the ride when the engine started stalling and then it suddenly stopped! We're pretty sure everyone was nervous but no one said a thing and assumed it was going to be ok (it was). Turns out there was a screw that got loose and the captain only needed to tighten it... phew. After another 10 minutes we were on our way again. 

Alice thought the boat was going to drop us off at the shore and everyone would then swim out to the deeper parts of the water, but that's not what happened. The boat stopped about a quarter of a mile from the shore and everyone just grabbed their snorkeling gear and jumped right in. We followed suit and went in without life jackets but couldn't get ourselves to let go of the boat's ladder! The current was too damn strong and we were sure we weren't strong enough swimmers to stay afloat. We went back on the boat to get life jackets and all was good after that. The water was just insanely clear and you could see so much of the life underneath the surface... a truly unique experience. 

Proof that I did it!

White sand and clear water!

Honeymoon Day 7 | Layana | Koh Lanta, Thailand

After leaving Six Senses, we hopped on another long-tail boat to the island of Koh Lanta to get to our next resort, Layana. It was another beautiful ride and we just couldn't get enough. When we arrived, the host gave us our very own jasmine garlands and whisked us away to have a few welcome drinks at the bar. We enjoyed the view of the beach for a bit before we explored the rest of the resort.

We stepped inside our room and the first thing we saw was a very sweet message waiting for us on the bed :D And then Alice went ahead and destroyed it. We took some time to walk around the resort and learned that they had just remodeled their main lobby. It was very pretty and serene. Their pool was big and faced the ocean. We noticed we were the only Asian couple there! There were lots of German vacationers. 

The sun started to set and the lighting was perfect. We arranged a private dinner-for-two along the beach and they did not disappoint! We were surprised with a dinner set-up that was lit with a string of lights in the shape of a heart. There was so much delicious food that we had to take about half back to our room because we couldn't finish it all. We spent a couple hours just sitting by the beach, listening to the waves crash as we looked into the darkness.